We work to preserve the environment through sustainable production, protecting nature that gives us life, light and color. 

To ensure constant supply of raw material, the same company has its own forest products an afforestation program. 

For this purpose the Timber Industry of Paraguay. INMAPAR SA carried out a process of afforestation since 2004. 

A total of 250 acres in the San José de los Arroyos and Coronel Oviedo, Department of Caaguazú, Paraguay, are covered with different species and growth of Eucalyptus levels as part of the afforestation project. 

In INMAPAR main goal we set ourselves the total self-sufficiency in raw materials for our production. Currently 100% of the production is made with wood from reforestation, with the firm conviction of contributing to environmental sustainability. 

As an organization, we ensure the protection of nature. ... why we have embarked on a reforestation project constant, our goal is to reach 400 hectares covered in the coming years!